Staff Directory 2014-2015

Principal Debbie Metherall

Acting Vice-Principal  Donna Olsen
webpage-icon  Guidance Jerry Young  
     Craig Isnor

Admin Assistant Terri Redden

Admin Assistant Carolyn Meek -Thursdays

Grade 7


701 French Immersion Holly Clark

 702 French Immersion Laura Chedrawe smtwitter
 703 French Immersion Carla Bernier
703 French Immersion Andrea Colley
704 English Program Jodi Robinson

705 English Program Duncan Cameron

706 English Program Erin Macdonald

 707 English Program Spencer Kenney moodle_host


708 English Program  Donni Leslie

Grade 8


801 French Immersion Amy Wamback

802 French Immersion Lindsay MacLellan-MacPhee

803 French Immersion  J’aime Steele

804 English Program Sarah Weinberg

805 English Program  David Phelps


806 English Program Susan Horncastle

807 English Program Adele Hennigar

 807 English Program  Kenneth MacKenzie  webpage-icon

Grade 9


901 French Immersion Christina Lutes

Terra McMullen webpage-icon
902 French Immersion Erin Fanning

903 French Immersion Cathy Durdle

904 English Program Krista Aucoin smtwitter  webpage-icon
905 English Program Robin Snow smtwitter


906 English Program Craig Boyce smtwitter


907 English Program Kim Blackmore smtwitter


Specialist Teachers

Physical Educaton & 904/905 Health Dave Brown smtwitter

Physical Educaton Dale Arseneault

 Physical Educaton Jocelyn Newton


Family Studies/Art Gail Beaton

Technology Ed./Art Fred Madore

Visual Arts Adele Hennigar


Instrumental Music Tobias Beale

Learning Center Shannon MacFarlane

Resource Patricia McCallum

Resource Elizabeth Piercey

 Resource Raeann Dwinell


Student Support Jennifer Williams

SLD Ms. Deidre Hynes


School Psychologist


Library Support Specialist Roxanne MacMillan

Specialist Staff

Caretaker Dave Rudge

Caretaker Brad McDonald

Educational Program Assistant Kathy McGrath
Educational Program Assistant Deborah Smith
Educational Program Assistant Brian Eisner
Educational Program Assistant Susan MacLean
Educational Program Assistant Rachel Murray

Educational Program Assistant Cheryl Williams  
YMCA Newcomers Support Worker Mervat Adel Ismail
Halifax Regional Police Liaison Officer Constable Michelle Everson


  • RT @TitansBedford: @RLJH_School Recreational Bedford Soccer Registration due Apr 30 PLS RT

  • RT @RLJHLeadership: Put waste in it's place! #RLJHgoesgreen @RLJH_School @HRSB_Official @RRFBNovaScotia

  • Sign up sheets for Track and Field are up. Please sign up and check off selected events you may be interested in

  • The dance class Thursday at lunch in the dance studio is welcome to all grades!

  • Both boys and girls softball sign up sheets are up on the Phys. Ed. Bulletin board. Please sign up if interested.

  • On May 1st we all will be getting to test out our skipping skills! As we put our heart to work with an excellent cardio workout!

  • May 1st is Jump Rope for Heart day! Today you will receive your pledge forms to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation!

  • Follow our @RLJHLeadership page where they post updates on our school activities!

  • Sign up sheets for #TrackandField are now up. Please sign up and check off selected events you may be interested in!

  • Both boys and girls #softball sign up sheets are up on the Phys. Ed. Bulletin board. Please sign up if interested!

  • WeACT group we have a special presentation this Wednesday at lunch hour so please make sure to be in attendance.

  • Movies at lunch Friday in dance studio for 50 cents. Proceeds go to #WeACT group to a global charity. This Friday will be Mrs. Doubtfire!

  • RT @RLJH_PhysEd: Archery Club dates are now on the school calendar. Repeat of Session 1 this Wednesday for those who missed it. http://t.c…

  • RT @RLJH_PhysEd: Archery equipment will not be delivered before Wednesday. This Wednesday will be a repeat of the first session for all who…

  • Dance Club practice tomorrow at lunch in the yoga/dance studio.

  • Yoga club members: we have three classes left, Ms. Newton will meet you in the main entrance after the bell.

  • Reminder to all basketball players your jerseys and shorts are over due

  • Today at Lunch in Mrs. Mac's room we will be having our We Act Meeting beginning at 11:40

  • The Dance Club will have a practice Thursday at lunch in the yoga/dance room.

  • We Act group we have a meeting this Wednesday starting at the beginning of lunch.