Staff Directory 2016-2017

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Principal Debbie Metherall

Vice-Principal  Sarah Shea
webpage-icon  Guidance Jerry Young  
Admin Assistant Terri Redden

Grade 7


701 French Immersion Jan Scott smtwitter

 702 French Immersion Catherine Teiman
 703 French Immersion Sheldon Landry
704 English Program Craig Boycewebpage-icon

705 English Program Jodi Robinson

706 English Program Michelle Halliday

 707 English Program  Duncan Cameron
708 English Program  Spencer Kenney

Grade 8


801 French Immersion Amy Wamback smtwitter

802 French Immersion Jaime Steele

803 French Immersion Ivan Doucet

804 English Program Sarah MacLeansmtwitter

805 English Program  Kathryn Hall smtwitter


806 English Program Kelsie McNeil

807 English Program Linda Griffin

 808 English Program  Tiffany Clarke  webpage-icon

Grade 9


901 French Immersion Leela Schwartz

902 French Immersion Cathy Durdlesmtwitter

903 French Immersion Christina Lutes

904 English Program Krista Aucoin smtwitter  webpage-icon
905 English Program Robin Snow smtwitter


906 English Program Donni Leslie


907 English Program Kim Blackmore smtwitter


908 English Program Angela Pepperdene

Specialist Teachers

Physical Educaton Dave Brown smtwitter

Physical Educaton Dale Arseneault

 Physical Educaton Jocelyn Newton


Family Studies/Art Gail Beaton

Technology Ed./Art Fred Madore

Visual Arts Alison Kervin


Instrumental Music Tobias Beale

Core French & Healthy Living
Learning Center/Resource Shannon MacFarlane

Resource Patricia McCallum

Resource Elizabeth Piercey
Student Support Jennifer Williams

SLD Deidre Hynes


School Psychologist


Library Support Specialist Roxanne MacMillan

Specialist Staff

Custodian Dave Rudge

Educational Program Assistant Kathy McGrath  
Educational Program Assistant Lynn Johns
Educational Program Assistant Stephanie Hibbits  
Educational Program Assistant Susan MacLean  
Educational Program Assistant Tracey Shuttleworth


Educational Program Assistant  Shelby Allain  
YMCA Newcomers Support Worker Fang Liu
Halifax Regional Police Liaison Officer


  • Girl's 🏐 last tryout tomorrow (Thurs 2:45-4:45). Check the PE board to see if you have been invited to continue the tryout process.

  • This program fills up fast!

  • RT @proedgetraining: ProEdge in collaboration with @rd_wellness, are holding a FREE nutrition seminar open to all our……

  • RT @RLJH_Athletics: Lots of tryouts next week! See the posters and listen for announcements!

  • RT @RLJH_Athletics: First @RLJH_School 🚴🏼 Club session. Great turn out! @CyclesmithHfx @HRSB_Official

  • RT @MmeScott23: 701/702/703: Please bring a dictionary and Bescherelle to every class!

  • RT @cboyce_RLJH: Great crowd @RLJH_School for curriculum night. #fullhouse

  • 🏐Girls Volleyball Tryouts start next week. TBD Sign up sheet will be posted outside the gym tomorrow morning. Boy's Vball coach needed!🏐

  • RT @cboyce_RLJH: Five days into the year and more than 80% of my @RLJH_School Grade 7s are logged into @GoogleForEdu Classroom! @jcasap @HR…

  • RT @CyclesmithHfx: Dropping off @TrekBikes to local school @RLJH_Athletics. The students are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher! https:…

  • MTB Club at Rocky Lake Junior High starts next week. Contact for registration information.

  • RT @cboyce_RLJH: Game time Leopards - welcome back to @RLJH_School!

  • Want to register for our mountain bike club this Fall? … @bicyclens #getoutside

  • Interested in the RLJH Mountain Bike Club Sept 2016? More information to follow.


  • Grade sevens outside for field day!

  • Beautiful day for field day. Starting with grade 8! #fieldday

  • RLJH band performing their final concert of the school year.

  • RT @mmepeverill: Welcoming committee this morning @RLJH_School . Happy Friday!

  • RT @CedarFest: Happy #Friday! Nothing like waking up to fresh #Manouche in the morning! Try it, June 2-5... #cedarfest #zaatar #saj https:/…