Band Program

Week of Feb 20-23, 2018

The second Cabaret Cafe is taking place on March 8th at 6:30pm in the RLJH Cafeteria

Instrument specific clinics will be offered to band students this next 6 weeks, according to the availability of specialists coming in. 

Students will be asked to report to their class first and ask permission to attend the clinic. 

Festivals have been booked for each band for end of April beginning of May. Attendance of Morning Rehearsal is important as we prepare the pieces for the Festival.

This years second Cabaret Cafe is taking place on March 8th at 6:30pm in the RLJH Cafeteria, any students who want to get involved please attend the meetings this week.

Rocky Lake Band Program Information – 2017/2018

                           & Band Fund Payment Request

Band Parents. The band students’ families play a crucial role in the success of the school band program. Parents act as advocates, assistants, and volunteers contributing to the planning and logistical support of every aspect of the program. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas about the Band Program, please feel free to call or email: or call evenings 902-823-3065. I am also always available to meet at RLJH after school on Tuesday and before school on Monday and Friday.

This year The Rocky Lake Band Program includes nearly 180 students. It is divided into three grade-level concert bands and also offers two extra curricular Jazz Bands for students who are interested. The band room is open almost every day during the lunch hour to accommodate students who want to practice or come in for extra help.

A number of chaperones/assistants from each grade level will be needed throughout the year to accompany us on field trips, festivals and concerts. Please consider whether you are able to help in this capacity. Child Abuse Register – search form “A” and Criminal records check are required for any volunteer accompanying student groups on field trips or working with students for school events. The band fund, if necessary, will cover any cost incurred in getting the clearances. Important information regarding performance and field-trip dates will be posted on the RLJH home page under “Student & Parent” tab – click “Band Program”. Memos with event details will be sent home with students and emailed to parents. There will also be monthly high lights published in the school newsletter. We are planning a Grade 8 overnight Spring Performance Trip to New Brunswick, Information meeting TBA.

Instruments should be clearly labeled with the students name and class. This information along with a phone number can also go inside of the case. It is recommended to keep a record at home of the Make, Model and Serial Number. The location of the band room, #101, makes it easy to deposit instruments in the band room in the morning, where they may be safely left for the school day and picked up on the way out at dismissal. Instruments should only be left at the school overnight if the student has band again the following day. Students are expected to come to each class prepared with their instrument in good working order, their band binder, method book, a pencil and any other supplies required (reeds, cork grease, valve oil etc. and a cleaning kit.) If an instrument needs repair it must be attended to promptly at a local instrument repair shop. In some cases a school instrument can be borrowed for the year or made available as an in-school 2nd instrument. A nominal maintenance fee may be charged.

Home Practice Records. This simple task of logging home practice sessions is fundamental in the development of a practice routine. It is a concrete way to “see” and share the students seemingly invisible work with their parents and teacher. Each month students are given an H.P.R. calendar to be completed. Students are required to practice a minimum of 3 x 20 minutes per week, outside of school, to keep up with the expected rate of progress. All individual practice sessions are recorded on the calendar, which is signed by a parent/guardian and past in at months end. Each practice session should include: warm up, method book, technical studies and preparing repertoire for rehearsal, as indicated in the current assignment detailed on the calendar. If a student is studying a second instrument he/she may record that time too (with a code to identify it as another instrument.) Second instrument practice sessions will be credited at half value to a maximum of 8 credits.

Morning Band Practice. Tuesday – Gr 7, Wednesday – Gr 8, Thursday Gr 9. Arrive by 7:30 ready for a 7:35 rehearsal. These rehearsals are the only time the full band gets to practice together. The focus of the rehearsal is preparing the repertoire for the next concert. Morning Rehearsals are co-curricular. Every effort should be made to attend all rehearsals. If an unavoidable conflict or unforeseen circumstance causes a student to miss a rehearsal they should inform the director in advance when possible or bring in a note from a parent. Often, if there is a problem involving transportation to the rehearsal, a car-pooling arrangement can be made.

Band Uniform. Our basic uniform for concerts is black pants or skirt with a white dress shirt/blouse. Building on that the grade 8 Band will be provided blue bow ties and the grade 9 band will add a band vest with black bow ties (bow ties optional for the girls).

Clinics/Workshops. From time to time professional musicians from the community will be invited in to the school to conduct clinics for specific instrument groups.

This year the Sr. Jazz Band will be practice on Monday from 2:50 to 3:55 pm. An information letter will be sent home with interested students. The Jr. Jazz Band will meet on Thursdays at lunch. In addition, there is always room for student directed ensembles – like-instrument duets, trios, flute choir, sax quartet, woodwind quintet, brass quintet, vocal/piano duos, guitar club, rock band, are some of the possibilities.

Band Fund Payment Request     due October 18, 2017

To facilitate the smooth operation of the many activities of the Bands this year, we are asking for a one-time payment to the Band Fund. Based on last year’s budget, the band fees for 2017/18 are:

Grade 7&8 – $50.

Grade 9 – $70. (Includes the more expensive, Atlantic Festival of Music)

Please make cheque payable to RLJH. Receipts will be issued.

The band fees will pay for:

Two to three bus trips per grade for performance and field trips

Festival registration

Instrument specific clinics or work shops

Admission to Symphony Nova Scotia’s Concert for grade 7’s

New music purchases, additional method books, band binders, uniform accessories, as required

Repair and replacement of equipment and band gear used by the whole group

I am looking forward to another great year of music making,

Tobias Beale, Band Teacher, Rocky Lake Junior High

 Morning Band Rehearsals

All band students are expected to attend morning band. Please advise if you cannot make rehearsal or if there is a problem getting to the school. Many students car-pool.

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9
7:30am Arrive at by school, leave cases in room #101 and Go to your locker to get what you need for the morning.
7:35am Rehearsal begins. Be ready for downbeat at 7:35 sharp
8:30am Rehearsal Ends. Students go directly to homeroom class

Jazz Band

After school jazz bands will start up later in September.  A letter will be sent home with details.

Senior Jazz Band Monday 2:50pm-3:55pm
Junior Jazz Band Thursday Lunch